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Tubular heating element

Tubular heating element

The heating element is the “engine” of your heating system!

100% of the heating element is produced in our factory.

The design is based on customer specification: fluid to heat (type and properties), temperature, heat exchange conditions (stagnant or flowing), and environment conditions 

Product overview

  • Power up to 30 kW per heating element
  • Watt density from 0.1 to 20 W/cm²
  • Voltage max. 750 V


  • Reliability and robustness of the heating element. High quality raw material.
  • Large range of materials and options according to customer process and conditions of use.
  • Benefit from SCARLET ’s 10 years of experience as designer and manufacturer!

Operating conditions

  • Normal
  • Hazardous areas 
  • Fluid/solid: from -270 °C (3 K) to 1000 °C
  • Corrosive environment

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