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Silicone Carbide heating element

Silicone Carbide heating element

Silicon Carbide Heating Elements

Silicon carbide electric heating elements are recommended for high temperature, high watt-loading applications. They are suitable for most furnace atmospheres and resistant to mechanical and thermal shock. In high temperature applications, silicon carbide heating elements replace Fe/Cr/Al elements without compromising performance.

Furnace Type:silicone-carbide-heating
Installed in furnaces used in the metalworking industry for operations like heat treating, hardening, forging, and melting, furnaces used in the glass and ceramics industry, and in furnaces used for crystal growing and diffusion.

Element Material:
High-density silicon carbide.

Maximum Element Temperature:
Up to 2822° F (1550° C).

Power Rating:
As required

3/8 in. to 2-3/4 in. diam. (9.52 mm to 69.85 mm).
Custom fabricated to application requirements

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