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Nichrome heater coil

Nichrome heater coil

Scarlet manufacture Coil Heating Elements

Coil heating elements are manufactured in continuous coils or around ceramic spools and are adaptable to many types of industrial ovens and furnaces. They provide a broad power density range for application flexibility.  Furnace downtime associated with element maintenance is reduced because elements are replaceable in sections.

Furnace Type:
Carburizing, hardening, glass annealing furnaces and dies casting machines are equipped with coil heating elements.

Easily configured to furnace chamber
Wide temperature range
Multiple mounting options
Can be replaced in sections
Long service life
Quick delivery of any size order
Downtime-reducing stocking program

Primary Element Alloys: 80/20 and 70/30 Ni/Cr  Fe/Cr/Al

Maximum Element Temperature:
Ni/Cr: 1150° C
Fe/Cr/Al: 1250° C

Power Rating:
As required.

Custom fabricated to application requirements

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