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Nichrome Strip Ribbon Element

Nichrome Strip Ribbon Element

Ribbon/strip heating elements are used where higher watts/sq. in. are required. They often replace rod elements in high power applications like annealing and brazing. They are lightweight and available in multiple shapes and sizes for easy mounting in refractory-lined furnaces.

Furnace Type:
Carburizing, bell, rotary hearth, draw, car bottom, sintering, pit, vacuum furnaces and gas generators use ribbon/strip elements.ribbon-heating-elements

High power output capability
Uniform heating over large areas
Broad power and temperature range
Lightweight for refractory mounting
Easy to install and replace

Primary Element Alloys:
80/20 and 70/30 Ni/Cr

Maximum Element Temperature:
Ni/Cr. 2100°F (1150°C)
Fe/Cr/Al: 2280°F (1250°C)

Power Rating:
As required.

Custom fabricated to application requirements

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