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Glass Heating elements

Glass Heating elements

Glass Heaters

Short Wave Infrared Heaters

Infrared heat is transmitted directly in the form of electromagnetic rays at a velocity of approximately 300,000 km/sec. That is at the speed of light. It is therefore not only the fastest form of heat but is also suitable for particularly demanding applications such as vacuum technology and clean room conditions. Infrared heat is particularly economical on energy compared to other heat sources because it acts quickly, directly on products. Short wave IR emitters are suitable for all applications.

It is available in,

  • Small round ceramic cap
  • Big round ceramic cap
  • Tal rod type holder
  • Rectangular ceramic cap


  • PET perform heating in stretch blow moulding machines
  • Paint booth
  • Rubber coating drying
  • Soldering fusing PCB industries
  • Printing ink drying in offset machine
  • Powder coating curing
  • Paper coating drying
  • All type of laminations
  • Screen printing curing on T-Shirts and textiles

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