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Circulation heater for Oil Gas and Air

Circulation heater for Oil Gas and Air

Circulation Heaters for Oil & Gas Companies

Oil and Gas companies use circulation heaters in heating oils. Electric heaters assist them in modifying the viscosity levels of their heating oils. Crude oil enters an inlet of the vessel at a cool temperature. The circulation heater reheats the oil. The oil then exits the outlet at a temperature more convenient for flow as it travels from one end of the transport pipe to the other.

Hydraulic fluid can also be heated using this electric heater for heat transfer purposes. It also provides freeze protection in cooler climates. This is crucial because winter temperatures can damage the fluid.

Immersion heaters are widely used in a variety of industries. Particularly the oil and pipeline sector for several different purposes. These industrial heaters are specifically designed so that oil, water, viscous materials, gases, solvents and other different process mixtures can be heated in direct contact with each other. This allows the heat to be generated within a single enclosure or solution, and so hundred percent efficiency can be achieved.

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