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Air Duct heater

Air Duct heater

These are type of heating bundles or units made to fit in directly with the duct used in building for comfort heating or process heating. Duct heaters can be used in applications to heat air and gases. Duct heaters are available in 3 fittings and they are

  • Flanged fitting- In flanged fitting tubular heaters are welded/ brazed or fitted on a flange and the flange in turn can be placed in the opening provided in the duct.
  • Modular Duct heater- Tubular elements in this case are fitted directly in a modular duct thereby reducing the effort and down time caused by replacing and removing the flanged heater from the duct.

Finned tube duct heaters: Apart from regular tubular heater, finned tubular heater can also be provided in flanged or modular duct fitting. These are duct heaters comprising of bundled finned tubular heaters.

Fins are wound on the tubular heaters so as to provide higher surface area for the air to come in contact with thereby increasing the efficiency of the air or gas heating. The flanges are customised to ensure easy installation and Maintenance. The heaters can be customised for any duct size and required temperature.

Scarlet is well equipped design the duct heaters for the customers. From 2d to 3d designs, to KW calculation, correct watt density, tube and flange selection etc can also be designed by Theeta engineers.



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